Art in the Time of Crisis

Beim diesjährigen Artists Gathering in Fez, Marokko, gibt es ein spannendes Thema: Art in the Time of Crisis.

Wenn nicht jetzt darüber gesprochen wird, wann dann?!

Omar Chennafi, der Gründer des Gatherings, hat internationale Künstler und Theoretiker eingeladen, um das Thema vom 12.1.-14.1. aus verschiedenen Perspektiven zu diskutieren. Zusammen mit Pascual Jordan habe ich im Ausstellungsteam eine vielfältige Gruppenausstellung geplant, die Beispiele zeigen kann und zum Diskurs beiträgt. Wir freuen uns auf kritische, emotionale, abstrakte und konzeptionelle Kunst zum Thema „Art in the Time of Crisis“.


Upcoming Exhibition in Morocco Explores Art’s Role in Times of Crisis

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Pressemitteilung zur Ausstellung


Einen kleinen Einblick in meinen Vortrag „Identity and Photography“ im Rahmen der Diskussionsrundem am 14.1. gibt es hier:

“Identity and Photography”

How the collective memory creates my identity and what kind of images are the bases of my knowledge?

Through all my education I have been sensitized by the German history, pictures of holocaust.

Now as a young photographer I ask myself, how these pictures influenced my creative work and my understanding of art and crisis?

In these times our society is confused by its past, its present and its future. A dialogue between all cultural and political communities has to take place to share their perspectives and to accept all aspects of our identity and the identity of foreigners.

What does it mean to live as a refugee in Germany? How can I try to empathize with people who fled from war, death and the lack of prospects?

Furthermore, what is the challenge for me as a human and artist? Humanity is nothing abstract but art sometimes is. Maybe the role of art is changing in urgent difficult situations or might be a chance to reflect the own crisis for everyone of us when we learn to use mediums in a creative way – or is this even too much pedagogy for art?

These questions will be discussed by various examples of Christian Boltanski (“The Storehouse”, 1988), Evi Blink (“Was mache ich hier?”, 2016) and Marie Köhler (“Mach dir ein Bild!”, 2012).

The transformation of imbalances and the invisible into an energy that inspires us to make changes happen is something between art and crisis.



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